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Kristen Cohen United States

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About me

I've been teaching in Racine for 10 years and have my maters in teaching reading. Currently I am a title teacher (learning specialist) at my school. Lately I have branched out into teaching smart boards. I'm very small but have a lot of energy and it probably doesn't help that I drink Starbucks whenever I can.


34 and single. I like to hang out with family and friends and my 3.5 lb. yorkshire terrier Mazie.


I love 88.9 radio Milwaukee.

Movies and TV:

TV is usually just in the background. I usually just watch CNN.


I like to run, listen to my iPod and obsess about things.


I love the arts and credit my early schooling at Fine Arts elementary to promoting my creativity and appreciation of art and music.


This summer I am teaching a technology class called our animal planet. Hopefully this summer I will channel my energy into writing, selling my jewelry, or teaching adults computers or beading.


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